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Caregiver / Maid

Koski Tapani Laihia

We are looking for a personal caregiver to move to Laihia, Finland to help our mother, Carita, who is 84 years old. She is a senior with good and precise manners and she follows strict daily routines.
Note: FREE travel to Finland will be provided for the selected candidate. Also, a free ticket to see family once per year, details to be discussed.

A pre-requisite for this job is that you move to live in the same house in your own private room. You will be offered a full care benefit, according to Finnish law. We have a very spacious, modern, clean and warm home with all the amenities; 3 guest bedrooms, sauna, large living room, heated outdoor terrace with a gas-fired grill, high speed internet connection (WIFI), large lawn areas around our home, tennis court, etc. If necessary, you will be offered a car for your use in the shop, etc.

Carita is trilingual and understands Finnish, Swedish and English very well. Swedish is her mother tongue. Her cognitive thinking is good and better than many people in her age, but after she suffered a stroke, she developed aphasia, which made her ability to generate speech more challenging. In discussions, however, we can find out what she wants by asking her questions. She can develop short sentences and with yes/no questions one can find out what she wants to communicate. Usually the daily routines are the same. Therefore it does not take long to identify what she wants to communicate. Even hand gestures help communication. In terms of movement, she moves independently with a walker. Having said that it is reasonable to move with her within the house and outside, to avoid her from falling.

Are you the helpful, social, honest, spontaneous, and responsible person who could help our mother? Previously, she was the one who always helped and supported others. Now, she is the one who deserves a good, understanding, and loyal caretaker.
The work will be mainly done at Carita's home, but sometimes she and her husband travel to their summerhouse. The trip can sometimes be for a few nights depending on the situation. The husband is active for his job, travels and is mobile.

Typically you will help Carita to get dressed, to move (with a rollator / wheelchair) around the house and outside, to prepare food and in serving. You will also help her in eating, going out and other daily chores. The amount of work and duties vary according to Carita's individual needs at the time. You help Carita cope with the tasks and things she would otherwise do herself, but is unable to do because of her illness.

The starting position is that this is a full time job, but we also take into account your personal circumstances. The work is done during all weekdays, but the work is shared with another person who also is working full time. After a probationary period, this role will turn into a permanent full time job for you.

No professional degree is requirement to work as personal caregiver/maid in Finland. Ideally you have had experience in this field, but you can also apply for this role without relevant work experience. Your attitude and keen interest to help a senior person wholeheartedly are the key requirements for this role. We insist on a reliable, trustworthy and a proactive person for this role.
As mentioned, previous experience in the care industry is an advantage.
This is truly meaningful work: your job allows a person - in this case our mother - to live a happy to joyful life at her own home.

The remuneration for the work is: € 1,250, part of which is a "full board" -benefit. The value of this (according to Finnish law) is 530 € / month. The "full board" -benefit includes your private room, food, light, water and heat. This is calculated as 530 € per month. The remaining 720 € is salary. The good thing about this is that you do not have much expenses at all, as everything is covered, such as housing, free government health insurance, Internet and meals.

Come to build Carita's happy and enjoyable future at her own home! Send your application to: Call or message WhatsApp: +358400364542 (Finnish language only) or WhatsApp number for Carita's son, who speaks English, German and basic Spanish: +971502477247)

The application period ends on Juli 23, 2020.
YhteystiedotCall or message WhatsApp: +358400364542 (Finnish language only) or WhatsApp number for Carita's son, who speaks English, German and basic Spanish: +971502477247)
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Työ alkaaNegotiable
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