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Nordic Mystery Shopping Suomi Oy Ab Turku

Future Mystery Shopper?

We are seeking one new Mystery Shopper based in Turku. As Mystery Shoppers we visit stores, restaurants, coffee shops and any place where companies meet their customers. From our anonymous visits we report in thorough and detailed descriptions about service, sales and quality. We have an upcoming assignment now in September that will take about a workday, and hope you will like the job so you continue with us at more occasions after that.

This time we specifically seek Shopper knowledgeable in English (and Finnish of course), having a drives license and access to a car (not necessarily your own car). All work experience is relevant, and we would prefer if you have a minimum 10 to 12 years general work experience, from any field of work. Even better if a few of those years are within retail, hotel, restaurant or café.

Our Mystery Shoppers are employees paid by the hour. Mystery Shopping is a profession to us, a craft even. This is an extra job to have on the side of your main employment, studying or another part time job. It is flexible, and you can take part in making your schedule together with us. For us it would be wonderful with applicants interested in an extra job for a long time to come and follow us over the next few years.

Does this description fit you? Please send your application with a CV to We hope to hear from you soon!

Kindest regards
Daniel Swidén and Robert Uggla, Nordic Mystery Shopping
YhteystiedotDaniel Swidén
+46 73 501 72 85
Työpaikan osoite20200 TURKU
Palkkaus14,13 Euro per hour
Työ alkaa17.09.2020, To be started as soon as possible
Työn kestoyli 12 kuukautta
Ilmoitus jätetty16.09.2020

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